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Stand, shelf, or wall mountable
Sealed-box, Dipole/Bipole surround speaker
Compact design
The 1400 SR’s shape allows great flexibility in placement. Due to the switchable Dipole/Bipole design, it’s possible to place the speakers almost anywhere within the rear third of the room and get good results. However, the best location for surround speakers is straight out to the sides, or slightly
behind the primary listening area, approximately 1-2 feet (.3-.6m) above seated ear level. More precise installation instructions, including how to install as 7.1 rear surrounds, are available in the installation manual.
* – Satin Black
Sold as a Pair

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Compact design for stealthy surround applications
The Model 1400 SRz Dipole/Bipole Surround Speakers are intended for use in multi-channel audio/video sound systems as dedicated side or back surround channel speakers.
Because of their small size, the model 1400 LR makes an excellent surround
speaker. When using it as a surround speaker, the best results will be obtained if the speakers do not aim directly at the listening area. Mount the SR’s on the side walls, above and slightly behind the listening position.
Atlantic Technology surround speakers are designed as dedicated LEFT and RIGHT models. This is clearly marked on the back of each speaker. This is because each speaker is designed to reproduce a different acoustic characteristic to the front of the room versus the rear. It is essential to make note of this during installation to ensure optimum performance of your surrounds.
Although Atlantic Technology surround speakers are acoustically and cosmetically matched to our floorstanding systems, they may also be used with other Atlantic Technology components and a wide variety of speakers from other manufacturers with excellent results.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 30 × 25 in


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