Monitor Audio CP-WT260


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The CP-WT260’s pivoting C-CAM tweeter is joined by a 6″ C-CAM bass driver – and high-frequency level adjustment by a boundary compensation control for optimum bass tuning when positioned near room corners.

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This high-performance in-wall speaker delivers outstanding sound while blending inconspicuously into your room’s décor. Movie buffs, you’ll be delighted too when you feel your heartbeat faster along with the action on-screen.
Another hallmark of Monitor Audio is the careful attention they pay to the build quality of their speaker drivers. Both the 1″ tweeter and 6″ woofer is made of a high-tech ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium alloy that originally debuted as a material for jet engine components. It’s a fantastic material for speakers, too, because it results in drivers that are extremely lightweight and rigid, which means they can respond to audio signals swiftly and precisely. The tweeter is further treated with an anodized layer of gold for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics. This 1″ dome also pivots, so you can aim it toward your preferred listening spot for more direct sound.


Pivoting C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter and C-CAM bass driver.
High overall efficiency.
High-frequency level adjustment (+/-3 dB).
Boundary compensation controls.
Our innovative Tri-Grip fixing system is easier to install than conventional clamping schemes but provides three times the surface area and a better surface seal, maximizing bass response and mid-range clarity.
Magnetic and easily removable steel grille.
Paintable surface to blend with the living environment. Additional scrim material is provided for trouble-free painting.
Airtight enclosure design protects each precision-engineered driver system against the damaging ingress of dust and dirt.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 in


Monitor Audio