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The TX-RZ740 not only elevates sound, but also that satisfied feeling you get every time you switch it on. The extra weight of the custom transformer,custom 10,000 μF capacitors, and aluminum heat-sink speak of an amp built for high-current power, enabling 3D audio to exhibit true-to-life spatiality andpin-point localization. Bass force is terrific, dynamics blindingly fast, and resolution grainless. SMART A/V ReceiverTM gathers multi-room platforms supportedby 802.11ac*1 Wi-Fi®, or enjoy powered and unpowered audio distribution. The receiver, which supports up to 7.2.4-ch of 3D sound with external amp, iscertified for IMAX® Enhanced*2 and is THX® Certified SelectTM for a theater-reference experience. From how it sounds to the way it makes you feel, theTX-RZ740 is made to savor now and in the future. *1 Some countries or regions have regulations that affect wireless signal strength and the use of Wi-Fi channels. *2 Enabled with a future firmware update.

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Watching a movie while my home theater’s speakers fling sound effects from every direction is sheer joy for me. That’s why I place such high value on my receiver’s capacity to deliver crystal-clear sound that transports me into the action. The Onkyo TX-RZ740 does exactly that. Plus, it offers smart control and a ton of wireless music options.

At 100 watts per channel, the ‘740 is an ideal match for both bookshelf and floor-standing speakers, including customer favorites like Polk Audio Signature and Klipsch Reference home theater systems.

Key new features for 2019
The TX-RZ740 retains the entire feature set of last year’s model, and also offers some fun new additions. Apple AirPlay 2 lets you stream content directly from your iPhone® or iPad®. You can also ask Siri to play songs from Apple Music.

The ‘740 sports a speedy new quad-core networking processor, an improved on-screen display, and a new remote control to help make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

A free future firmware update will even add IMAX® Enhanced, a new audio decoding feature that reproduces the full dynamic range of specially encoded IMAX movie soundtracks from compatible sources.

A true home theater, and more
This receiver has outputs for 11 speakers, and can power up to nine at the same time. This gives you flexibility for different home theater and wired multi-room music configurations. Use all nine channels in a 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X™ system, or go with a more modest surround sound setup and repurpose the extra channels for music in another zone.

Plenty of wireless music choices
The ‘RZ740 gives you all kinds of options for wireless listening. I mentioned the new AirPlay 2 compatibility, and you can also stream tunes via Bluetooth or through the handy Chromecast built-in feature.

This receiver can also play Spotify® and Pandora® through Wi-Fi, and it offers access to an array of internet radio stations from around the world.

Works with Sonos
If you’re a Sonos lover like I am, the ‘RZ740 easily integrates into your wireless multi-room music system. Just add a Sonos Port, and you can send any music or audio source from the Sonos app to the receiver.

The ‘740 will even automatically turn on and switch to the correct input when you fire it up in the Sonos app. That’s awesome!

The RZ Series difference
The TX-RZ740 is part of Onkyo’s premium RZ Series line of home theater receivers. It’s constructed with quality components like large custom capacitors for consistently great sound throughout its frequency range. And its advanced amp circuitry delivers a clearly focused audio image and reduced distortion — even at high volume levels.




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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 25 × 14 in


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